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Inspired to Create


An Appetite Insight gives a glimpse of what interests and inspires you when it comes to food. Here is the story of one food lover who was inspired by television food challenges enough to try creating his own dish.

My 4- and 6-year-old daughters love watching food challenges (especially the cake and candy challenges). It’s a ritual in our house that my wife and my two daughters watch a food challenge very often before going to bed.

I have watched some of the amazing desert challenges, but until the other night, hadn’t watched some of the non-dessert challenges. It happened to be the Eve of Yom Kippur. Not being the most observant of Jews, I got home late from work, at which point my wife was barely talking to me and I was on my own for creating a dinner that would have to carry me through the following days’ fast.

As I was preparing my meal, I was watching the food challenge on the kitchen TV as the rest of my family was watching in the family room. For me, It was pretty amazing watching the different dishes that were created, and just as interesting to hear them critiqued by the judges.

I was still watching the challenge when the meal that I had prepared for my personal feast was ready. I had put together a hodge podge of various foods, which I found to be delicious, with complementing flavors and textures galore.

So, for this creation, in a large 13-inch Saute Pan, I put in the following (most of the branded ingredients were from my favorite place, Trader Joe’s):

  • Way too much Canola Oil
  • Frozen Tri-colored Peppers
  • Frozen Pork Gyoza Potstickers (They were out of chicken when i was shopping, or else i would have avoided the pork on Yom Kippur)
  • Frozen Vegetable Marsala burgers (a recent addition to Trader Joe’s and really delicious)
  • Frozen Chicken Mango Sausages (also a new addition to the Trader Joe’s shelves).

I cooked all of this together on medium high, and then savoured every bite. It filled me up so that I had no trouble making it through the fast the next day (which even included some physical exercise of cleaning the gutters).

And to top it off, I was in the same predicament the following night when it was time to break my fast. There were no prepared meals to be had, so I recreated my dish from the previous night and enjoyed it just as much!


Gary Zimmers

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