Celebrate America's Diversity With a 4th of July Feast

Celebrate America's Diversity With a 4th of July Feast

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Celebrate America's Diversity With a 4th of July Feast


This holiday weekend, millions of Americans will no doubt be grilling up the traditional burgers, brats, steaks or chicken. Those are All-American foods that all America loves—okay, maybe not the vegetarians, but there’ll be plenty of side dishes and desserts for them, right?

This year, why not celebrate our multicultural melting pot with an eclectic menu of delicious American foods with ethnic accents? Because, while the stars and stripes will always stand tall on the Fourth of July, it takes a blend of many colors to make up America’s red, white and blue.

The USA has a great history of rebuilding relationships with former adversaries. Germany and Japan have become staunch allies, and U.S. relations with Vietnam have recently become friendly. We have many Vietnamese-Americans living and working in our cities today. So, one food option might be to start your holiday gathering with Cold Vietnamese Spring Rolls, an unexpected but welcome appetizer on a hot summer day—and something those vegetarians can enjoy, too.

America’s Cuban-born population continues to grow, and the popularity of Cuban food is on the rise as well. Among the distinctive flavors of Cuba is mojo-style cooking. This recipe for Mojo Pork Chops is the work of Guy Fieri, and comes to us courtesy of the National Pork Board. It brings ingredients such as avocado, paprika, and apple cider together with thick, succulent pork chops to create a spicy dish your guests will be telling their friends about.

Or, if you feel like you just have to have your steak on the Fourth, how about giving a nod to Latino-Americans by serving up Grilled Steak with Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa and Tortillas. Some may call this a Southwest or Tex-Mex recipe. You’ll call it tasty. In any language.

There will be plenty of red, white and blue this weekend. We suggest you add to it the purple, green, and orange of our crunchy Cajun Coleslaw —in a salute to our Cajun citizens from bayou country. This colorful, creamy side dish is quick and easy to prepare and packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

For dessert, may we suggest a summer classic? There’s no ethnic twist to this recipe for Classic Strawberry Shortcake, but it’s such a perfect patriotic treat we just couldn’t keep it off the Independence Day menu. We recommend adding a few fresh blueberries to create a spectacular red, white and blue finale to your feast.

Here’s wishing you a happy, tasty and safe holiday weekend!


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