Food Blog Feature: The Amateur Gourmet

Food Blog Feature: The Amateur Gourmet

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Food Blog Feature: The Amateur Gourmet


Food industry insiders can oftentimes be viewed as elitist or pretentious, but it’s unlikely that food blogger Adam Roberts will be mistaken as smug. Garbed in full-on girl scout gear and adorning the banner of his blog The Amateur Gourmet, Adam blends humor and food recipes into an appetizing combination.

The blog began in 2004 as a distraction from his law school studies and The Amateur Gourmet has since grown into a widely-read food blog and was recently named among the 50 of the World’s Best Food Blogs by Times Online.

Adam uses humor as a way to lure readers into his blog. “By not taking myself too seriously and being the first to poke fun at my own bad photography or misguided attempts at food innovation, I allow people access to a world they’d otherwise dismiss as too snobby or elitist,” Adam told The Food Channel.

Blogging started as a release from his studies and has since spawned a cook book and a food writing career for Robert. But it took some help from his readers to hone his skills. “They correct my spelling, they correct my grammar, they tell me where to eat when I’m going to Austin, Texas, they tease me for accidentally putting a bottle of Ajax in a picture of tuna casserole ingredients. They drive me crazy but they make me better and I’m very grateful for them.”

Head over to The Amateur Gourmet to read Adam’s posts and check out one of his favorite recipe for cavatappi with sun-dried tomatoes.


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