FoodWire, July 2009

FoodWire, July 2009

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FoodWire, July 2009




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Blueberry recipes

This month we have a case of the blues—in a good way—about blueberries. Midsummer is peak season for this super food, whether you’re picking them in the field or from the produce aisle. We offer up a plethora of true blue recipes as well as tips for blueberry pickin’. Summer’s also a great time for enjoying those colorful outdoor festivals and we featured a report direct from tasty fests being held in Buffalo and Hamburg, N.Y.

This month also features a guest blogger, Deborah Smith of, who offers her Top Ten Tips for Successful Food Blogging.

Food Channel KitchensHot Summer Recipes
Spiced Blueberry Sauce Spiced Blueberry Sauce
This recipe is loaded with good things in addition to the antioxidant-rich berries. Things like cinnamon, cloves, and a splash of sherry. This versatile sauce is superb over ice cream, pancakes and more.
Citrus Grilled Chicken Breasts Citrus Grilled Chicken Breasts
Marinated in lemon and black pepper and grilled to perfection. A midsummer night’s dream.
Watermelon and Blue Cheese Watermelon and Blue Cheese
Sounds a bit weird, but this flavor/texture combination tastes surprisingly good.
Sicilian Pasta Salad Sicilian Pasta Salad

Perfect for potlucks, picnics or anytime you want a wonderful side dish.

Surfing the Channel
Recipes from the Heart book
Sales of New Cookbook Benefit Hunger Relief
U.S. Foodservice offers “Recipes from the Heart” featuring the favorite creations from the employees of the company. All proceeds go to Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger relief organization.

Grilling 101: From BBQ Basics to the Latest Techniques
How to Make Thai Chicken Pizza
In just over one minute, this “how-to” video demonstrates how easy it is to make a spicy and delicious Thai-style pizza.
Food Channel Facebook page
Feeding Your Facebook Appetite
Network with fellow foodies from around the world. Check out the Food Channel’s Facebook fan page.
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