National Panini Month Inspires Change from Usual Sandwich Routine

National Panini Month Inspires Change from Usual Sandwich Routine

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National Panini Month Inspires Change from Usual Sandwich Routine


Hot off the grill, in honor of the second annual National Panini Month, Sargento Cheese has invited food lovers to switch up their usual sandwich routine and celebrate the delicious goodness of a panino during the month of August.

Although the panino is a traditional Italian recipe, Americans have come to embrace it – as evidenced by its place as a lunchtime favorite at delis and cafes around America. However, food lovers don’t have to reserve the great taste of a panino for eating out only.

‘Home cooks are always looking for ways to spice up their everyday meals, so National Panini Month is the perfect time to try out a new twist on the everyday sandwich,’ said Stephanie Meyer, Brand Manager, Sargento. ‘Picking the right ingredients is a key step to making a great sandwich.

National Panini Month is recognized by the Chase’s Calendar of Events, the authoritative guide to special occurrences, holidays, anniversaries and more from around the world, as a celebration of a growing food trend in America. To honor the occasion, here are five top ways to celebrate the popular sandwich during the month of August, courtesy of Sargento.

1. Instead of firing up your panini press, cook a panino on your outdoor grill using a heavy cast iron skillet or a brick wrapped in foil to ‘press’ your panino onto the grill.

2. Pair your favorite panino with a glass of your favorite Italian wine.

3. Show off your panini knowledge by letting friends and family know that panini in Italian means ‘small bread roll’ and the singular term for the word is panino.

4. Instead of a cheese and wine party, host a ‘panini party’ for your friends. For even more excitement, you can get inspired by your favorite cooking competition show and invite friends and family to participate in a ‘Top Panini Throwdown’ where you give an award to the best chef.

5. You can visit to find a new panino recipe every day during the month of August and then share your favorite recipe with friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.

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