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FoodWire, June 2011

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Vol. 4 Num. 4
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 In This Edition: Tracking the Trends at NRA and Sweets & Snack Shows Hot & Cool Trends
Top Ten Dessert Trends Forecast for 2011 Surfing The Channel
Recipes: Summer of Fun
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Food Channel KitchensTracking the Trends at NRA and
Sweets & Snack Shows

The Food Channel crew made its annual trek to Chicago to cover the massive National Restaurant Show at McCormick Place—and for dessert, we scoped out the latest trends at the Sweets & Snacks Expo. First among our top ten trendsetter picks at NRA was Groupon. You may have heard recently that the e-commerce company has filed to go public, possibly sending its value to an astounding $20 billion. The company’s booth at NRA looked like a million bucks, we can tell you that. Their trend-setting presence was the tipping point that proved social media is dramatically impacting the restaurant world.

We saw some really cool equipment at the show, too, including Coke’s new Freestyle vending machine that lets you choose from 125 flavors. We were entertained by the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro, who was promoting a Get Back to Scratch movement, and were wowed by edible utensils—everything from spoons you can munch to a Bloody Mary Beef Straw. You can view our entire top ten selections here.

Over at the Sweet & Snacks Expo, there was a whole lot of fun going on. Things like Magic Milk straws that let you transform plain white milk into a sweet and colorful treat. There was antioxidant trail mix, Tic Tac candies in a flavor called Strawberry Fields, and hard candy lollipops in the likeness of the Smurfs. Plus exciting new flavors of Ghirardelli chocolates like Sea Salt Soiree. Love that chocolate! You can tease your sweet tooth by viewing the full top ten list (plus a bonus) here.

Food Channel KitchensTop Ten Dessert Trends Forecast
for 2011

Top Ten Dessert Trends

Ready to dive into an after-dinner treat of Margarita Mousse? That’s one example of what our Food Channel trend forecasters have dubbed Desserts for Grownups, one of our top ten dessert trends for the coming year—and yes, it’s a luscious dessert with a splash of tequila. Don’t be surprised if the June wedding you attend has something other than a three-tiered cake at the reception…another of our top trend picks is called Wedding Cake Off the Guest List. Then there’s Desserts in the Raw—sweet selections like cheesecake, tiramisu, and moon pies, that are raw (uncooked) versions of the desserts we know and love. Since it’s 2011, we decided to feature 11 trends in this year’s top ten, so be sure to check them all out at

Food Channel KitchensRecipes: Summer of Fun
Summertime means fun in the sun and fun on the plate with casual fare for carefree days. Here’s a recipe for Hot Dog Burritos from the French’s Mustard folks to get you ready for National Hot Dog Month (July). It’s a beanie-weenie wrap the kids will love.
Lemon-Herb Sauce for Grilled Chicken

Our recipe for Lemon-Herb Sauce for Grilled Chicken is perfect for a busy summer weeknight.

Brûlée Cheesecake with Lavender Honey
Looking for a new dessert idea? Try this Brûlée Cheesecake with Lavender Honey that combines the crunch of brûlée with the richness of cheesecake. Yum!
Roasted Corn Kabobs

Here’s a simple recipe perfect for the 4th of July or any summer cookout. Roasted Corn Kabobs. Two ingredients, two steps. Too cool!

Food Channel KitchensSurfing The Channel
A Conversation with Iron Chef Cat Cora.
The Food Channel had a chance for a quick visit with the busy chef, restaurateur, humanitarian and TV personality. Her new line of Cat Cora by Starfrit cookware is now on sale in The Food Channel Store.
R.I.P. Food Pyramid. Hello, MyPlate.
The Food Pyramid is history. It’s been replaced by a simplified new icon that resembles a partitioned dinner plate. It was unveiled by First Lady Michelle Obama and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. The new MyPlate icon emphasizes the fruit, vegetable, grains, protein and dairy food groups. One half of the plate, in fact, is devoted to fruits and vegetables. Check it out and see what your kids will be learning about when school resumes next fall.
Can you bake a cake on a gas grill? Or bake a pie with green rhubarb?
Find the answers to these and other questions at our Ask the Chef section. And if you’ve got a question of your own, send it in to
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