Miracle Whip Ads Spread Fresh Candor

Miracle Whip Ads Spread Fresh Candor

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Miracle Whip Ads Spread Fresh Candor


I’ve got to hand it to the Miracle Whip folks. Their new ad campaign is gutsy as all get-out. The TV spot I saw last night opened with a woman standing on a sidewalk. She says “On a scale of one to ten, I hate Miracle Whip at, like, a 22.”

Whoa. Say what, now?

Another Miracle Whip commercial features Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, who says, “I hate Miracle Whip. Like, I hate it so much, if I had a girlfriend that liked Miracle Whip, it’s a dealbreaker.”

A company running TV ads with people saying they hate the product being advertised? Wow.

Yes, the ads also include sound bites from people who like (or even love) Miracle Whip, but there’s an equal number of both lovers and haters in the ads I’ve seen. And those who are down on Miracle Whip don’t pussyfoot around. They emphatically admit that they loathe it.

To me, the commercials come off as refreshingly honest. The brand is admitting that the creamy white sandwich spread is indeed polarizing. You either love it or hate it. You’re either a Miracle Whip person or a mayonnaise person, and never the twain shall meet. The spots end with a tagline, “We’re Not for Everyone.”

I guess Kraft, who makes both Miracle Whip and Kraft Mayo, figures they have a good shot at getting your business either way.

In a story about the campaign, Forbes.com blogger Elaine Wong quotes Miracle Whip senior brand manager Justin Parnell, who says, “Miracle Whip has a unique flavor that tends to inspire a polarizing reaction in consumers. So, rather than deny this truth, we’re embracing it and owning up to the fact that we’re not for everyone.”

The tech geek who sits in the desk across from me, tells me that Miracle Whip is trending really high on the Web right now. So, I guess the campaign at least has people talking. It just debuted Wednesday night—with a 60-second spot on American Idol with its reach to many millions of viewers.

At our house, we’re a mayonnaise family. My wife, who’s highly health-conscious, won’t even consider using a fat-free or “light” mayo. She’s a purist when it comes to mayonnaise.

Nonetheless, I say kudos to Miracle Whip for being so up front about being both desired and despised.

Could this be a new trend in TV advertising: brutal honesty?

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