Super Bowl Brings Super Profit Opportunities

Super Bowl Brings Super Profit Opportunities

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Super Bowl Brings Super Profit Opportunities


bucket of beerBy J. Harness

Are you ready for some football? Well, you’d better be because that’s where the green will be Feb. 6.

I’m not just talking about Green Bay, either. I’m talking about profits.

The big game is the one time of year when almost the entire country seems to actually stop their daily hubbub to enjoy some food, friends and football. If you want to cash in on the wave of fans who will be in a feeding frenzy, consider offering some sort of Super Bowl special to draw them in.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Houston, Tx.

Instead of catering to one person over another, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is serving both members of each couple. While one watches the rough-and-tumble game on one big screen, the other can enjoy two “chic flicks” on a different screen. Both will be invited to devour typical movie and football fare, including pizza and beer by the bucket. Alamo is also menuing other football-flick pairings to entertain and feed its customers.

Wolfgang Steakhouse, Beverly Hills, Ca.

What goes great with football and alcohol? Bacon, of course. That’s why Wolfgang Steakhouse is serving bacon martinis while customers munch on roast chicken, bratwurst and steak sandwiches. There will be plenty of snack foods, too, so people can dip and crunch while they watch their team tackle and score on several big screens brought into the restaurant just for the Super Bowl.

The Melting Pot, Towson, Md.

For those who are left by Super Bowl fans to dine alone, there is still some fun with food to be found. The Melting Pot in Townson, Md., plans to feature cocktails and wine instead of buckets of beer. They will also serve a four-course meal, called the Football Widows special.

It’s not too late for you to get in on the action. Any sort of Super Bowl special you offer to drive fans to your establishment on game day will help boost your profits from the national affair with football and food. For great game day recipe ideas, check out The Food Channel’s all-star line-up of fan favorites.


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