Candy Corn Crazy

Candy Corn Crazy

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Candy Corn Crazy


It’s October. People are mulling over what to wear for Halloween, and what kind of candy to buy to hand out to the little goblin trick-or-treaters.

Well, it looks like the trendy flavor of the month is candy corn, according to a report by Martha C. White, writing for TIME Moneyland. White says the waxy, tri-colored treat is this season’s “it flavor.”

She’s got evidence to back up that claim. Starting with Candy Corn Oreos. The limited edition cookies from Nabisco, sold exclusively at Target, have  two-toned yellow-and-orange candy corn cream filling sandwiched between two vanilla wafers.

Only in America.

Looks like these special Oreos are a big hit, too. There were reports of sellouts after the treats first arrived in Target stores last month, but if you’ve just got to have some, you can find the cookies for sale on

Ellen DeGeneres even talked about the cookies in her monologue on her chat show this week, although it was far from an endorsement.

Wal-Mart has also jumped in on the candy corn craze with its own exclusive sweet treat: candy corn flavored M&Ms. These are jumbo-sized assorted yellow, orange, and white candies with white-chocolate-candy corn filling.

Here’s more candy corn craziness:

  • JarBee Coffee has also gotten into the act with a new flavor of java: “Witch’s Brew” offers candy corn flavor with a caffeine kick.
  •  The Bagel Store in New York City has candy corn bagels available for the Halloween season
  • Act II popcorn offers a candy corn flavor
  • Last but not least, you can find a variety of candy corn inspired drinks online

We’re thinking this corny candy corn craze has gotten a little nutty—or should we say scary?

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