Crazy Soda Flavors on USA Soda Shop Tour

Crazy Soda Flavors on USA Soda Shop Tour

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Crazy Soda Flavors on USA Soda Shop Tour


Want to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when soda fountain drug stores and soda shops would be happy to whip you up an ice cream soda for 50ȼ?

Well, you’re not going find prices like that, but if you look hard enough in your travels across the country, you can still find some pretty cool retro soda pop shoppes—and many are stocked with some off-the-wall soda flavors.

Pete Griffin recently took a tour of some of the top soda pop destinations in America and reported his findings on

One of the best of the retro shops can be found in Las Vegas. Rocket Fizz Soda Shop offers such choices as Buffalo Wing soda, which is described by franchisee Sheri Stewart as “a nice, crisp orange-flavored soda with Buffalo wing spice in it to give it that kick in the backside.” Rocket Fizz – Vegas offers more than 300 types of bottled sodas, including Sweet Corn and Bacon flavors. The chain also has locations in California, Arizona and Nebraska.

The next stop on Griffin’s soda shop itinerary was Lyons Soda Fountain and Bakery in Lyons, Colo., which is still around after 90 years. Lyons has used the same kitchen equipment it started with back in 1921. The fountain is best known for its ice cream sodas made with homemade ice cream-blended seltzer water. Among the favorite flavors are the “Canary Island” with chocolate ice cream and the “Black Cow,” made with a blend of chocolate and root beer syrup.

The Davidson Soda Shop in Davidson, N.C., is a soda shop/diner that’s been serving up soda drinks for 60 years. One of the all-time favorites of the locals there is the “Big ‘O’rangehead” soda made with fresh oranges.

On the west coast you can find Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles. It outdoes Rocket Fizz in terms of bottled soda flavors, offering nearly 500 different choices including a cucumber flavor as well as such classics as lemon-lime Bubble Up.

In the Midwest, soda seekers can head for the Southside Soda Shp and Diner in Goshen, Ind., to try such selections as the “Green River,” an ice cream soda with a green-carbonated phosphate that will leave its mark on your tongue.

Does this not sound like the perfect summertime road trip for soda lovers and/or nostalgia buffs? Crank up the Beach Boys and don’t forget to pack the extra large cooler.

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