Functional Mushrooms to the Rescue?

Photo Credit: Whole Foods

Functional Mushrooms to the Rescue?

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Functional Mushrooms to the Rescue?


Puffed and Popped. New technology is revolutionizing foods that are puffed, popped, dried and crisped. New extrusion methods will lead to things liked popped cassava chips, puffed pasta bow ties, seaweed fava chips and puffed rice clusters.

A coming Out for Tacos. This favorite food will continue to gain notoriety with form not limited to tortillas and flavors expanding beyond savory. Tacos are showing up at all parts of the day and in categories like dessert. Look for things like poke-filled seafood wraps, heirloom corn tortillas and grain-free options as well.

Root-to-Stem. Cutting waste extending beyond protein to include fruits and vegetables, including steams and leaves that are not as common. Pickled watermelon rinds, beet-green pesto and broccoli-stem slaw are just a few examples to watch for.

Assortment of root-to-stem products from Whole Foods 2018 Top Trends. Photo: Whole Foods

Bubbling and Sparkling Waters. Flavored sparkling waters with plant-derived options, mocktails and sparkling cold brews are rising from the top.

Be sure to watch for The Food Channels Top Trends for 2018, coming later this month.


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