How to Choose the Right Recipe: Publisher's Corner

Choosing the right recipe for a party or event can be intimidating. Food Channel Publisher Kay Logsdon gives you pointers on finding the right recipe for any occasion. Annie Spratt//Unsplash

How to Choose the Right Recipe: Publisher's Corner

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How to Choose the Right Recipe: Publisher's Corner


It’s overwhelming, right?

It hit me when I signed up to bring a dessert to the annual Super Bowl party. I usually sign up for appetizers because The Food Channel chefs love to create great appetizers—and I love to take the ideas and make them at home.

Blue Cheese and Bacon Dip//Photo by Lance Mellenbruch

I’ve done everything from this amazing blue cheese and bacon dip to stuffed dates.

However, this year for some reason I was dangerously close to choosing a crockpot cheese and sausage dip. When I snapped out of it, I realized I needed a change. Chips & dip were too easy, drinks even easier (why can I never choose easy?). Since the hosts were providing the main dish, and since I was the first to sign up, I grabbed the dessert category.

Then I immediately fell into a black hole of choosing among my many, many favorite dessert recipes.

At first, I thought about these classic chocolate chip cookies, that are handheld, easy to eat, and always a hit. But maybe too expected?

Lemon Bars//Photo by Lance Mellenbruch

Lemon bars might be different—I’ve been in a citrus mood lately. However, I’m not that great at making lemon bars. Dare I use a mix and have my culinary credentials lowered in the eyes of my friends?

I saw a fun idea from Dunkin’ Donuts—where you buy donut holes, cover them in dark chocolate, then pipe white frosting on so it looks like the lacing on a football. I even bought the materials for the chocolate dip and the frosting. Is that enough? Maybe I should do all three?


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