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03 Feb 18

The number two most requested recipe I have received is about stuffed eggs with the number one request (believe it or not) being Baked (…)

31 Jan 18

As many of you know by now, I make recipes for a number of reasons. Mostly to simplify, sometimes to alleviate the cost and once in a (…)

29 Jan 18

Well worth your patience and time, the preparation of true Smothered Beef and Onions results in fall­-apart tender beef and the great (…)

13 Jan 18

I must say, now that I have started making these hot dog buns for my children, they will not eat any other hot dog roll (well, besides our (…)

11 Jan 18

This jam is the perfect addition to a gooey American/mild Cheddar cheese sandwich or simply slathered on a homemade English muffin (…)