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24 Dec 17

A crostini is one of those Italian favorites that can be altered, played with and tweaked to fit the season. This recipe uses New (…)

25 Nov 17

Don’t you dare turn your head away from this recipe! Take a quick look… and notice that the bulk of these ingredients should already (…)

26 Oct 17

There have been many claimants to Charlotte’s throne, but we Mainer’s know the truth. There is only one way of serving Apple Charlotte, and (…)

23 Oct 17

Want to taste the flavors of New England all ‘rolled up’ into one bite? This moist and delicious cake roll will have you saving this (…)

04 Oct 17

The Brown Betty, yet another New England original! The origin of the name Brown Betty is in dispute. Some say it is from an English teapot, (…)

09 Oct 16

October 9, 2016 7:11 pm · By:

What’s better than sweet succulent lobster meat lightly tossed with mayo and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, all piled in buttery (…)