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24 Oct 16

Game On! Host Shawn Bailey not only combines the flavors of Pennsylvania for another delicious burger, but he also found the (…)

19 Oct 16

Join Shawn Bailey as he tries out his new grill! He also only uses made-in-Pennsylvania ingredients for those residents who want to stay (…)

04 Jun 16

Burgers are an American pastime so, if you are anything like us, you’ve had just about every kind of burger imaginable. Shawn Bailey, (…)

04 Jun 16

Break out of that boring burger rut. This burger’s secret to success includes the sweet, hot, and garlic flavors hidden within! Here is The (…)

08 Apr 16

You may know them as pigs in a blanks or halupki, but Chef Shawn likes to call this recipe “deer in a blanket”! The unique flavors of the (…)