Top 12 Pastry Recipes for World Baking Day

Top 12 Pastry Recipes for World Baking Day

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Top 12 Pastry Recipes for World Baking Day


May 17 is World Baking Day. Of course we have glorious recipes. But first, take a look at the Anatomy of a Pastry from our friends at Jean Philippe Patisserie at ARIA Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, where the pastries are not only mouth-watering but awe-inspiring as well.

Ever wonder what goes into these extraordinary creations? Let’s break it down. This infographic deconstructs a raspberry tart so you can better understand the process when making your own. But don’t stop scrolling. Following the infographic you’ll find 11 of our own favorite recipes to help you bake like a pro.

Anatomy of a Pastry Infographic

And now, more mouthwatering pastries from the kitchens of The Food Channel for World Baking Day.

Rainbow Cake Mason Jar Style

Rainbow Cake Mason Jar Style

Making a Rainbow Cake Mason Jar Style is as simple as, well, child’s play! Made with a base of white cake mix, these mason jar cakes are fun and delicious! Click here for the Rainbow Cake Mason Jar Style Recipe.

Spiced Walnut Crust Cookie with Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt

Spiced Walnut Crust Cookie with Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt

Spiced Walnut Crust Cookie with Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt is one of our favorites! You can skip the sea salt, but don’t skip the walnuts on top. They bring an extra layer of texture that makes these cookies something special! Click here for Spiced Walnut Crust Cookie with Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake

This Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake is to die for! With a light and moist cake base, drizzled with rich dark chocolate and topped with fresh cherries, it doesn’t get much better than this. Click here for the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake Recipe.

The Best Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

A silky-rich sweet potato pie topped with a layer of golden caramelized pecan pie. This authentic Southern recipe is the best of both worlds when you can’t decide which pie you’d rather have for dessert! Click here for the Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Recipe.

Mashup Cupcakes

Mashup Cupcake

This recipe comes from our Chocolate Trends report, which says more consumers are experimenting with unusual flavor combinations. It’s the DIY world at its best—playing with food! Click here for the Mashup Cupcake Recipe.

Blue Blueberry Muffins

Blue Blueberry muffins

That’s not a typo, these are Blue Blueberry Muffins! There is a twist to these muffins that makes them doubly yummy… Click here for the Blue Blueberry Muffin Recipe.

Tropical Carrot Cake

tropical carrot cake

This Tropical Carrot Cake takes the carrots to the sweet end of the food spectrum. Combine them with pineapple and macadamia nuts for a truly unusual cake that, well, takes the cake! Click here for the Tropical Carrot Cake Recipe.

Wedding Cake Pops

wedding cake pops

These charming mini two-tiered wedding cake pops are made of crumbled cake mixed with frosting, that is then hand-dipped in white chocolate and finished with white sparkling sugar. They make wonderful bite-size desserts for a wedding reception! Click here for the Wedding Cake Pops Recipe.

Whoopie Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

whoopie cake

These Whoopie Carrot Cakes are a sweet classic with a modern spin. Two cake-like cookies sandwiched together with a scrumptious filling that’s tasty and a perfect bite-size treat! Click here for the Whoopie Carrot Cakes Recipe.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Slab Pie

rhubarb slab

Next time you bring dessert to a potluck…try something a bit edgier. Like this Strawberry-rhubarb slab pie that breaks the mold of a traditional round size. Click here for the Strawberry Rhubarb Slap Pie Recipe.

Fun Finger Pies


Finger Pies, or mini pies, are a fun twist on adult pies made into bite-sized versions! These are great if your guests like a variety of different flavors; they may look little, but they pack big flavor! Click here for the Finger Pies Recipe.

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