Stranger Things: The Waffle Effect

Stranger Things: The Waffle Effect

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Stranger Things: The Waffle Effect


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The much anticipated second season of Stranger Things is upon us, and fans everywhere are making plans to binge-watch with some show-inspired foods, including waffles, of course. While the waffle had a silent presence in the first season of this sci-fi original from Netflix, the role made an impact on viewers and eventually the Eggo company, which is using it as an opportunity to promote both the show, and its brand, through card games, recipes ideas and DIY costume accessory tutorials using the iconic yellow cardboard box.

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For fans and non-fans alike, waffles are a popular food that we’ve watched edge back into the spotlight by being offered for any course. The versatility of both the batter and variety of add-ins and toppings allow for endless sweet, savory and in-between meal ideas. The texture and form of these griddle toasted treats provide the perfect base for concocting recipes that are easily handheld, portable, and used for dipping.

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Although waffles are served year-round, fall is a perfect backdrop for incorporating them into a meal. Popular flavors like pumpkin spice, maple, almond, and nutmeg make the perfect base for sweet dishes that include fruit, cookies and ice cream.

For those looking to spice things up in the savory department, Nashville-style Hot Chicken with Sriracha honey, and pepperoni pizza waffles give a new kick to the breakfast and brunch staple. Waffles also make a great replacement for bread when making sliders and sandwiches like cheeseburgers, club-style, and breakfast-themed creations.

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Whether you are huddled around the television with anticipation, awaiting the suspense and new adventures of your favorite Stranger Things characters, in need of a last-minute Halloween accessory, or just looking for a new twist on meals, the tried and true waffle will be there, awaiting your creative direction.

Feeling hungry yet? Keep scrolling to find our favorite waffle recipes!

Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Left-over Turkey & Stuffing Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Breakfast Waffle//Lance Mellenbruch

Transform leftover cornbread stuffing into buttery-crisp waffles and sandwich them around warm sliced turkey breast, cranberry sauce, and more of your favorite leftovers. Click here for the full Leftover Turkey and Stuffing Breakfast Waffle Sandwich recipe.

Blackberry Cobbler Waffle

Blackberry Waffle Cobbler//Lance Mellenbruch

You won’t know what hit you–a waffle, a funnel cake, or a cobbler–in this great waffle mash-up of flavor and fun. Click here for the full Blackberry Cobbler Waffle recipe.

Pepperoni Pizza Waffle

Pepperoni Pizza Waffle//Lance Mellenbruch

The round waffle is the perfect size for a pizza and the taste is delicious! Perfect when you want breakfast for dinner… With a twist. Click here for the full Pepperoni Pizza Waffle recipe.

Birthday Cake Waffle

Birthday Cake Waffle//Lance Mellenbruch

A fantastic way to start any birthday off the right way, this waffle recipe is adorable and delicious! Click here for the full Birthday Cake Waffle Recipe.

Hash Brown Waffle

Hash Brown Waffle// Lance Mellenbruch

That waffle iron can do more than making a waffle. Try it for sandwiches, french toast, even–yes–hash browns. It’s perfect! Click here for the full Hash Brown Waffle Recipe.

Apple and Oatmeal Waffle

Apple Nut Praline Waffle Oatmeal//Lance Mellenbruch

They say there’s nothing like a bowl of oatmeal to warm you up in the morning, but they haven’t had an Oatmeal Waffle! Click here for the full Apple and Oatmeal Waffle recipe.

Grilled Cheese Waffle

Grilled Cheese Waffle//Lance Mellenbruch

You’ve never had comfort food like this– a waffle made into a grilled cheese (or is it a grilled cheese made into a waffle?) Click here for the full Grilled Cheese Waffle recipe.

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