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30 Mar 16

This dip recipe is a crowd pleasing and family feeding appetizer. Whether as a snack to eat while watching agame, or as a evening extra, (…)

15 Mar 16

Think romance is only for Valentine’s day? Not so fast! Cooking Guru thinks that food should always be cooked with love, it just tastes (…)

05 Mar 16

Baked peaches are so simple and take very little time to make. Drizzle them with warm maple syrup and enjoy a warm dessert that is perfect (…)

05 Mar 16

The main ingredient to this baked dessert is one of this season’s stars: peaches, baked and cooked to perfection. They make a simple and (…)

03 Mar 16

Cooking Guru heads south of the border to make a fabulous ground beef taco salad that can be customized to be as mild or as spicy as you (…)

03 Mar 16

Try this simple-to-make south of the border meal for your next family dinner. Don’t worry if your family or kids aren’t into spicy dishes, (…)


Try this great breakfast burrito from Karen Pavone’s Cooking Guru series. Simple, healthy ingredients make this morning meal the perfect (…)

31 Dec 15

December 31, 2015 10:27 pm · By:

This sweet and tangy recipe features a low fat turkey burger with a berry twist. Caramalized onions combine with avocaco and berries to (…)