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10 Dec 17

Yes, I know. The amount of butter is quite a bit, but as with all Holiday goodies, enjoy it once or twice a year. Ordinarily, toffee is (…)

06 Dec 17

A great way of introducing dried fruit to the children or simply to enjoy a fruit and nut­laden recipe without the heaviness and overt (…)

25 Nov 17

Don’t you dare turn your head away from this recipe! Take a quick look… and notice that the bulk of these ingredients should already (…)

17 Nov 17

This delightfully different brittle is the best tasting sweet treat that everyone will enjoy this year! The flavor and texture of the (…)

14 Nov 17

I remember these spiced apple rings as a child, with my parents using 1 slice placed on top of a little lettuce as garnish for entrees at (…)