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21 Jan 18

One thing is true about nachos: If you serve them, I will eat them. Adding in a hefty amount of smoked brisket and plenty of Monterey Jack (…)

21 Jan 18

All I have to do is take one sniff of a glass of bourbon and I’m transported to a cool, fall day in Starkville at Davis Wade Stadium. I (…)

21 Jan 18

This recipe is best served in a classic fashion with Ruffles potato chips. When caramelizing the onions don’t add any sugar; the key is (…)

17 Jan 18

This is a sure hit for any event. I have friends who have served these carnitas at their big family get-together. People kept telling them (…)


This Chili 7 Ways is the perfect game day recipe! Incredibly versatile, and absolutely delicious no matter how you choose to serve (…)

09 Oct 16

October 9, 2016 6:53 pm · By:

We originally did this recipe for last year’s game – so who will be the team this year? Start practicing your Big Game food!