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09 Feb 15

Close your eyes for this bite of ecstasy . . . better yet, leave them open and watch Holly Clegg make delicious truffles covered in white (…)

05 Feb 14

This is The Food Channel’s annual Dessert Trends report for 2014, spelling out the latest trends in sweets, treats, and fun food for (…)

12 Dec 13

It’s a taste of Europe in the Midwest. Elle’s Patisserie in Springfield, MO is famous for its truffles, and owner Elle Feldman is (…)

25 Nov 13

When you think of amusement park food, you may think corn dogs and funnel cakes. You can get much more–and it’s all homemade–at Silver (…)

05 Jul 13

This recipe came out of our Chocolate Trends report, which says that¬† people are delighting in putting unusual combinations together. It’s (…)