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14 Jul 18

A flavorful Onion-Peach Salsa that’s the perfect balance of sweet, savory and hot! It’s absolutely perfect for summer. It combines the (…)

30 May 18

“The recipe for Ajvar, or Serbian Salsa as it’s also called, differs from home to home across the Balkan Region. The addition of chili (…)

03 Apr 18

A homemade Classic Mango Salsa can top any entree! Sweet, spicy and a little tangy, this salsa is a combination of jalapeño, bell pepper, (…)

31 Jul 17

Salsa Brava literally means “wild salsa!”  We have taken that description to the next step and used wild blueberries in this (…)


No store-bought salsa compares with the taste of salsa made from your own tomatoes fresh picked from your garden or local farm! In the (…)