In Search of the Perfect Bread Recipe

In Search of the Perfect Bread Recipe

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In Search of the Perfect Bread Recipe



I am in search of the perfect bread recipe. I just found a recipe that made good tasting bread – which I will modify with whole wheat flour, etc. However, the recipe calls for 1/4 cup warm water for the yeast; then, after mixing yeast, flour, salt and oil, add 3/4 cup cold water to stop the yeast activation. Why stop the yeast activation? I thought you wanted to promote the activation process. Does it simply “delay” the activation for more action in the oven? Or what?



Our experience is that the cold water would stop the yeast activation in the early stages of development, preventing the end texture from becoming too light or airy and providing a denser bread. “Light and airy” is a result of plenty of yeast and proofing time – almost over proofing.

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