Survey Says: Americans Love Burgers, Even at Breakfast

Survey Says: Americans Love Burgers, Even at Breakfast

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Survey Says: Americans Love Burgers, Even at Breakfast


The folks at ZAGAT, the renowned restaurant review juggernaut, have released its first-ever Burger Survey to gauge just how much we Americans love our hamburgers. Does anybody call it a “hamburger” anymore? Seems the “ham” part has just about vanished from the vernacular. But we digress.

ZAGAT polled more than 1,000 U.S. citizens to find out what Americans think about burgers in 2012.

Well, first off, we eat an average of 4.3 burgers a month, or around one burger a week.

Sounds about right.

According to the survey, we mostly get our burgers at specialty burger joints. And while most of us consume our burgers at lunch or dinner, a small minority of us, about 2 percent, enjoy an occasional burger for breakfast.

Here’s some of what else ZAGAT learned in its American burger survey.

  • The fair price for a good quality burger is $10 to $15, said about 50% of the respondents, with only 29% saying they should be under ten bucks.
  • We like our burger cooked medium or medium rare, please, said 74%.
  • Favorite toppings? No surprises here: cheese led the way, followed by lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, bacon, pickles and mushrooms.
  • Favorite condiments were ketchup favored by 66%, with mustard at 47% and mayo at 44%
  • Where’s the beef? In the burger pattie. A resounding 85% of the people prefer burgers made from beef. Turkey burgers? Only 4% enjoy those. Even bison was chosen more often (5%).
  • Only 15% said grass-fed or organic beef was very important to them. Forty-two percent said it’s not important at all.
  • The slider trend may be sliding. Only 6% of those surveyed said they preferred the mini to the full sized burger.

Click here to see the full ZAGAT survey results article.

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