Summertime Eating Tips for Kids

Summertime Eating Tips for Kids

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Summertime Eating Tips for Kids


When the final school bell rings and the children make their way home for the summer, parents make the transition from part-time to full-time chefs. With the many sweet and delicious treats summer has to offer, maintaining your child’s balanced nutritional diet can be quite the challenge. But not to worry! Follow these 10 healthy eating tips recommended by practicing family physician Andrew Abraham, M.D to ensure summertime success:

  1. Keep fruits available – When you have children, keeping snacks in the pantry is a must! Instead of placing healthy options, such as fresh fruit in hidden away places, try placing them in visible locations such as the kitchen counter or top shelf of the refrigerator. Whether bananas, berries, grapes, or oranges, fruit is the perfect way to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth and promote healthy eating all at the same time!
  2. Make vegetables fun – Sometimes veggies are the last things children want to eat at the dinner table. Whether they dislike the taste or appearance, transforming the vitamin enriched foods into creative sculptures can improve your child’s overall eating experience. Try a caterpillar cucumber, tomato snowman, or a green pea necklace.
  3. Turn off the TV – Are your children glued to the TV? Afraid they’re becoming couch potatoes? Encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors with fun summer activities such as baseball, swimming, hop-scotch, or even butterfly catching.
  4. Drink water – Whether your children are on the go or simply enjoying a day at home, drinking water is a must! Keep your children hydrated this summer with their very own reusable water bottle!
  5. Grow a family garden – Want to encourage learning outside the classroom? This summer, provide your children with an unforgettable learning experience in the garden! By teaching them how to plant and produce their own foods, you can encourage the development of healthy lifelong eating habits.
  6. Visit a dairy farm – Continue to encourage summer learning through a visit to your local dairy farm. By observing cows and milk production, your children will gain a new appreciation for that cold glass of milk and cookies.
  7. Take family trips that are active – Who said exercising had to be boring? Try taking your family on a fun and exciting trip that involves activities such as bicycling, hiking, or swimming.
  8. Experiment in the kitchen – Instead of preparing every meal yourself, invite your children to assist you in the kitchen. Teaching them about food and how to enjoy the process of cooking will encourage them to create healthy culinary masterpieces of their own someday.
  9. Shop at farmers markets – With more than 8,000 to choose from in America alone, take your children to a farmers market where they can shop for produce and interact with local gardeners.
  10. Get extra nutrition – Sometimes cooking highly nutritious meals is a challenge. Try products that will ensure your children receive all the vitamins and nutrients they need like Orgain Healthy Kids developed by Dr. Abraham himself. This organic nutritional, ready-to-drink, shake can be found at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide in a variety of delicious flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

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