Photo Tour: How to Make a Black & Tan

Photo Tour: How to Make a Black & Tan

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Photo Tour: How to Make a Black & Tan


The Black & Tan is another one of those “Irish traditions” that is consumed more often in America than in Ireland. Regardless, it’s a fine concoction to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day.

To pour a proper Black & Tan, all you need are a (dark) stout or porter, a (lighter colored) lager or ale, a clear glass and a funky bent spoon.

We’re going to do an all-Guinness Black & Tan using two Irish brews in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

First, pour the light-colored beer directly into the glass. We’re using Harp Irish Lager. Pour till the glass is about half full.

Bend a tablespoon so that the scoop part of the spoon is at a right angle to the stem. Pour the dark stout or porter (such as this Guinness Draught) slowly into the spoon and let it gently overflow into the lager. Some insist that the spoon should be concave-up, but it works either way.

Keep pouring till you reach the top of the glass.

Step back and admire the contrasting colors, then drink it down at your desired pace.


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