9 Creepy Halloween Cocktails To Celebrate With

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9 Creepy Halloween Cocktails To Celebrate With

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9 Creepy Halloween Cocktails To Celebrate With


The wind blows, doors creak, lights flicker and… kids are screaming? Yes! It’s Halloween, and it’s for the kids, but did you know that over 75% of adults over age 25 still like to actively celebrate Halloween?

It’s fun, we don’t blame you!

Being an adult doesn’t mean celebrating favorite holidays is a thing of the past, you simply need to adjust the celebration strategies. So this year, in honor of spooktactular October, The Food Channel gives you our top 9 Halloween cocktails designed to bring any party to life (or afterlife.)

Black Lagoon Sangria

Black Lagoon Sangria//Lance Mellenbruch

A spooky twist on a fall favorite, this sangria is tangy, sweet and extra creepy with its dark black color. Click here for the Black Lagoon Sangria recipe.

Zombie Slime Cocktail

Zombie Slime//Sparkling Ice

Zombie Slime//Sparkling Ice

Celebrate Halloween the adult way with this spooky and fun Zombie Slime Cocktail, made with white whiskey, kiwi, and strawberry. Click here for the Zombie Slime Cocktail recipe.

Death in the Afternoon Champagne

Death in the Afternoon//Lance Mellenbruch

It may be called Death in the Afternoon, but it’ll leave you feeling out of this world with it’s pale green and white color. Click here for the Death in the Afternoon Champagne recipe.

Test Tube Shooters

Halloween Test Tube Shooters//Mealtime.org

A mad scientist with a mission, or a patron at a Halloween party? You decide with these creepy and creative Halloween shots! Click here for the Test Tube Shooter recipe.

Bourbon for Apples Punch

Bourbon for Apples Punch

Bourbon for Apples Punch//Lance Mellenbruch

This fun and festive drink combine all of your favorite flavors of fall into a Halloween delight. Click here for the Bourbon for Apples Punch recipe.

The Bloodsucker

Bloodsucker//Sparkling Ice

Bloodsucker//Sparkling Ice

Made with all of your favorite flavors of fall, this adult Halloween beverage is made with a dark rum, pumpkin puree, ginger and black cherry to achieve the ultimate Autumnal drink. Click here for The Bloodsucker recipe.

Halloween Punch with Vodka Syringe Shots

Halloween Punch/Rattan Direct

Halloween Punch//Rattan Direct

This blood-red punch is made non-alcoholic with the optional vodka jello shot syringe! It’s truly a recipe that the entire family can enjoy. Click here for the Halloween Punch with Vodka Syringe Shot recipe.

Seven Deadly Sins Sangria

Sangria//Sparkling Ice

Seven Deadly Sins Sangria//Sparkling Ice

This spooky sangria is made with Brandy, red wine, sparkling juice, cinnamon and fresh sliced fruit. The perfect combination of fresh and frightening. Click here for the Seven Deadly Sins Sangria recipe.

Blood Orange Punch

Blood Orange Punch

Blood Orange Punch//Williams-Sonoma

This spine-tingling blood orange punch is effortless to prepare and incredibly tasty, especially when served in a skull-shaped bowl. Click here for the Blood Orange Punch recipe.

For a complete look at our other Halloween recipes, visit foodchannel.com! Happy Halloween!


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