5 Visually Arresting Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Test Tube Cocktail Nicolas Picard//Unsplash

5 Visually Arresting Halloween Cocktails


5 Visually Arresting Halloween Cocktails


Know what’s really scary? The number of disappointing drinks you’ll find if you search for “scary Halloween cocktails.” We’d rather see five genuinely creative concoctions than a dozen variations seizing on the opportunity to include “blood orange” or cocktails that just sound macabre — like Death in the Afternoon (great drink, one of Hemingway’s faves, but not inherently spooktacular).

Below, we’ve pinpointed five recipes that look, and taste, as good as they sound.

Zombie Slime Cocktail

Zombie Slime//Sparkling Ice

Zombie Slime//Sparkling Ice

What makes this stand out in a crowd is the drizzle of raspberry-sugar syrup “blood” that you will make on the inside of the glass. Believe it or not, the kiwis are supposed to be eyes, but we’re not seeing it (ba-dum-bump). Get the Zombie Slime Cocktail recipe.


Test Tube Shooters

Halloween Test Tube Shooters//Mealtime.org

We don’t expect you to have empty test tubes hiding in your cabinet, but with some planning (and Amazon searching), you will have a memorable party drink and a great prop for Halloween selfies. Click here for the Test Tube Shooter recipe.


The Bloodsucker

Bloodsucker//Sparkling Ice

Bloodsucker//Sparkling Ice

This is an appropriately seasonal cocktails with pumpkin, black cherry, a rum base, and a fantastic garnish: a ginger root “tombstone.” Skull optional. Click here for The Bloodsucker recipe.


Halloween Punch with Vodka Syringe Shots

Halloween Punch/Rattan Direct

Halloween Punch//Rattan Direct

This blood-red punch can be made booze-free or with vodka-jello-shot syringe. The decals steer the drink into kiddie land; a fake eyeball floating in the glass would be an easy, and terrificly icky, alternative. Click here for the Halloween Punch with Vodka Syringe Shot recipe.


Black Widow

Black Widow Cocktail

The recipe begins with the instruction to “draw a spider web on the inside of a chilled martini glass with raspberry syrup” and ends with a plastic spider garnish. How does it taste? In a word: juicy. You can balance the flavors by upping the fresh lemon juice in relation to the raspberry vodka, Triple Sec, pomegranate juice, and raspberry syrup.

Click here for the Black Widow cocktail recipe.

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