Chocolate Cake Twinkies

Chocolate Cake Twinkies

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Chocolate Cake Twinkies


You guys.

Did you know there are chocolate Twinkies?

I didn’t, because Hostess isn’t easily found in my area of the country. But while doing a recent road trip, I found a rack staring me in the face while at a pit stop. When I checked into it further, I only found one call out, from “Spotted on Shelves.” So, apparently, it’s new enough for commentary. And, in my opinion, it beats out Peep flavored Oreos® for interest.

Compounding the interest, we also found chocolate fudge covered Twinkies, dark chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, and peanut butter ho hos, all by Hostess.

After scaring all junk food junkies with the idea that Hostess would go out of business and leave them hanging, it appears they’ve now started to innovate.

I once put a package of Twinkies in the bottom drawer of my desk and left it there for a full year. When we opened up this unscientific experiment, the spongy cake felt as fresh as any convenience store’s offering.

Not sure that’s a bragging right or a concern, but it’s a fact.

The chocolate Twinkies won’t last that long–they are chocolate cake, after all.


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